Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Show 2010

The weather was fantastic, the food was great, the hospitality warm and the displays of merchandise were beyond fabulous !

I know many of you have always wanted to come to Round Top Texas for the antique fairs and fields, and wondered if it was really worth the trip....Well, I am here to tell you, YES, it is!

I found that alot of people think because the show is in Texas, that all they will find is barbed wire wreaths and wagon wheels. This simply is NOT the case. However, there is plenty of those things too out in the miles of various fields that you can shop in.

This however, is a blog dedicated to Marburger Farm. It is the Queen of the shows, and a must see if you come to the Round Top Festivities.

This is a rare glimpse into the booths of many of the dealers, before anyone has walked off with treasure. There are hundreds of dealers, and I thought I was making good time, until I saw the hourds of people coming in the aisles as I was frantically shooting away.

These shots are to give you a sense of the style and diverse taste of the dealers. There simply is something for everyone, as you will see......fine French, Italian, Primitives, English, Shabby, Reclaimed, Repurposed, Architectural, Garden, Jewelry, Accessories, Furniture and Linens.

Enjoy !

This is the host of the event, Rick. He and his family have southern hospitality and warmly welcome everyone who comes in the gate. He treats his vendors like royalty, and makes sure everyone is happy !!!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Marburger Farm Antique Show. As you can see this is one talented hard working group of people and many of them I am honored to call my friends.
There are so many more that didnt get showcased, but next season I know I will have to pick up the pace to get them all in !!!
Gina Galvin
Peacock Park Design


  1. Gina, thank you for posting all these wonderful photos. I never get to go to Marburger or see what my friends have cooked up. This was fabulous to be able to see Shelley's, Laurie's, Mo's and Janet's displays. It was also great to see Terry's. She's one of my favorites and I always imagined what she did with her great I know...magic! Speaking of favorites...I saw Jim shopping...I know Heidi had to be in there somewhere!

  2. Thanks for fixing the link for me Gina and stopping by my Blog to let me know it was now up and running! *wink* Now I feel like I was there... and I certainly would have needed a U-Haul... there was a Mirror I saw that I wanted... and some Chandeliers... and THOSE CROWNS *swoon*... and of coarse I would have had to stop by Robin and John's and pick up some more MP-wear which is my basic 'uniform'... Thanks so much for taking the time to profile the Show so thoroughly for all of us who couldn't make it and giving us a rare glimpse of the pre-Show bounty... and let us know who all the amazing Vendors were. I hope you did amazingly well there yourself...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. What a fabulous post-thank you!! I fancy myself a bit of a photographer and would be happy to tag along next time to help you out...I don't eat much and am very clean.....:)