Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ready ....Set.....Shop !!!!!

It is just around the corner. There is an event that takes place twice a year and it is like Christmas for adults. There are hundreds of dealers from all over the country to make the trip to Texas. But the best show of them all is Marburger Farm. Rick is the ringmaster who makes everyone feel welcome and manages to get all these dealers organized with ease. This past fall show had 100 degree heat yet he was always smiling. This is obviously a labor of love with many family members helping to keep the show running smoothly.
Now as you can see, the move in process is not an easy task, but these dealers make their booths as beautiful as a New York window display.
If you are looking for anything under the sun from French, primitive, country, shabby, industrial, English you can find it here..... as you can see.

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