Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just look what you may have missed.....Fall 2012

The clock is ticking..........If you haven't been here yet, you are seriously missing out !

The dates are set April 2-6

As you can see by the vast array of treasure that is here at the Marburger Farm, there is definately SOMETHING for EVERYONE!
It is a show for inspiration, creative displays, amazing Antiques, and genuine wonderful dealers from all over the country.
For up to the minute details, and information go to the Marburger Farm Blog at
This is one show you DO NOT WANT TO MISS
It is one thing to run the fields, dig in the dirt and unearth some hidden treasure, but when you come to Marburger Farm you see incredible visual displays that give you ideas on how to display and use your own Antiques, and find some of the best Antiques available from Dealers from all across the country.
So hurry and book your flights , make your arrangements so you dont miss out on fantastic treasure like this. You know with Antiques, its not like you can just go buy another one......finding it is half the battle, and Marburger Farms is one great way to hunt !!!.

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